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Blue Paradise

Power Catamaran
  • Blue Paradise 78′ power catamaran available.
  • Not a snorkeling tour.
Fun & Games Excursion Highlights:
  • Enjoy beach games, water Twister, kayak & paddle boat racing, beach beer pong, rope climbing contests, and more.
  • Offers a fun and exciting experience.
Destination Information:
  • The main destination is Culebra, with potential stops at Culebrita or Tamarindo.
  • Due to water conditions, alternative routes to Icacos, Palominos, Piñeros, or Lobos may be taken.
Description of the Vessel
  • Power Catamaran
Footage of the Vessel
  • Blue Paradise 78′ power catamaran
Number of Passengers
  • 65 passengers
Which and what Type of Tour?
  • Culebra Blue Paradise Experience (Fun & Games Excursion Highlights. This is not a snorkeling trip.)
Beaches it Visits
  • ONE BEACH STOP ONLY. Main destination is Culebra but we can go to Culebrita or Tamarindo. If water conditions are not optimal, we can reroute to Icacos, Palominos, Piñeros or Lobos.
What does the Tour Include?
  • Lunch (pre-cooked Chicken Sandwich, Hamburger, or Veggie Burger, complemented with Garden Pasta and Bean Salad)
  • Snacks (chips and fresh fruit)
  • Beverages (Vodka, DonQ, Medalla beer, assorted sodas, and water. Don’t forget to try the “Blue Paradise”, the Captain’s tropical specialty drink.)
  • Fun and Games (kayak, paddle board, beer pong, rope climbing, and more)
Coast Guard Docs
  • Available
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