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Zatara Luxury Private Charter
  • Zatara 41’ catamaran.
  • Ideal for snorkeling and sailing to Cordillera Cay’s beautiful islands.
  • Departure from Marina Puerto Del Rey, 45-minute sail to the first destination.
  • The Island of Icacos is a relaxing spot with white sands and clear blue waters.
  • Perfect for first-time snorkelers to explore underwater wonders.
  • Enjoy splash mat and paddleboard on board. They are included in all packages.
  • Suitable for small groups, families, and couples, accommodates up to 19 passengers.
  • Additional fee for passengers after 12th person; price varies based on package.
Description of the Vessel
  • Zatara Luxury private charter
Footage of the Vessel
  • Zatara 41’ catamaran
Number of Passengers
  • Suitable for small groups, families, couples; accommodates up to 19 passengers.
Which and what Type of Tour?
Beaches it Visits
  • Icacos
What does the Tour Include?

Three Packages available:

  • Starfish (deli style lunch)
  • Mermaid (BBQ chicken and steak skewers with open bar)
  • Stingray (BBQ chicken, steak and shrimp skewers, premium open bar)
Coast Guard Docs
  • Available
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