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East Wind

Fajardo’s Top-rated Snorkeling Excursion
  • Experience the vessel’s waterslide and 8′ underwater windows for non-swimmers and first-timers.
Icacos Snorkeling Tour Includes:
  • Deli-style lunch buffet.
  • Beverages, including rum drinks.
  • Floating devices.
  • Snorkeling equipment and swimming fins.
  • Swim platforms for easy water access.
  • Snorkeling instruction if needed.
  • Spacious shaded cabin.
  • Departure from Marina Puerto del Rey in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.
  • The marina offers free parking.
Description of the Vessel
  • Fajardo’s top-rated snorkeling excursion
Footage of the Vessel
  • East Wind 62′ sailing catamaran
Number of Passengers
  • For private tour we can accommodate up to 80 passengers (coast guard certified), but for non-private we only accommodate 70.
Which and what Type of Tour?
  • Icacos Snorkeling and Beach Tour. Family friendly tour.
Beaches it Visits
  • Icacos
What does the Tour Include?
  • Lunch (deli-Style buffet featuring cold cuts, cheeses, fresh bread, pasta salad, bean salad, and chicken salad)
  • Snacks (chips and fresh fruit)
  • Beverages (rum drinks like Piña Colada and Rum Punch, Medalla beer, assorted sodas, juices, and water)
  • Waterslide, snorkelinh, and floating devices
  • Underwater windows
  • Snorkeling equipment and swimming fins*
Coast Guard Docs
  • Available
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